Death of a Creative Mind

October 12, 2011

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, each day that goes by I realize how much our industry has lost. The immediate effect was obvious to the world – we lost a visionary, a thinker, a successful business giant, but for those of us who have been using Apple products for 20 years, we've lost something more.

Using a Mac has always been an privilege to me. At my first job in the industry, I was immediately enamored with the ease at which one was able to take off running. There was no real learning curve, thus eliminating any of those typical insecurities you feel when you are exposed to new technology. Thank you for that Steve. You allowed me to sail into this industry with ease and focus on my work without the frustration of learning to use the hardware.

Apple computers are amazing, not only for their functionality, but their beauty as a machine. The design of everything – from the smooth edges to the complete and total brand consistency – has been incredibly influential. It's almost like he came up with the black, gray and white palette to aid in the graphic designer's creativity, providing a bare surface to start with. No colors, hard edges and overall bad or annoying design and effects to combat our flow of work.

As we all use the products he developed, and benefit from his genius, it's hard to imagine a future where we don't get to anticipate the next best thing Apple will unveil. Hopefully, the imaginative team there will continue on with the legacy they were left by their leader. I will look forward to their continued success.